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Create a timeless memory of your beloved pet. Using a selected photo, a custom handmade pet portrait are a perfect addition to your home or serve as a great gift for the pet lover in
your life.                                           
Photo Reference

Photo Reference

Final Drawing


Hand Crafted, Custom Pet Paintings, Acrylic On Gesso Board, or Charcoal Graphite Drawing on Bristol Board...

Send me a photo of your pet and I will create you a custom pet portrait. All pet paintings are painted with acrylics on high quality gesso board canvases High quality pastel painting are also available..


Good Examples


Photo Reference

Photo Reference

Final Painting


Good Photo Reference 

  • High resolution photo taken with a digital camera.

  • The photo is taken at the same level as the pet.

  • When zooming in, we can see a lot of detail in the face and a good reflection in the eyes. A good way of testing whether a photo is detailed enough is to zoom in on the face. If you can see the individual hairs on the pets coat, then it is a high enough resolution for me to work from.

Taking the right photo is a very important part in the process of creating your pet portrait. This guide will explain what makes a good photo and what makes a bad one. Please feel free to email me your photos and I will let you know whether they are suitable.​

Photos are absolutely key - the better quality the photos, in reality, the better the pet portrait will be. 

2023 /2024 pricing

Prices | 2022

In order to secure your slot, a high resolution photo must be required and approved at time of booking.  You have a choice of acrylic painting or Pencil drawing all in varying price ranges according to size. For more than two subjects in a portrait, or sizes larger than 3 feet x 3 feet  please contact me for an individual quote.
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